Welcome to Priman!

Dear Friends,

Priman Instruments Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1991 with an idea to provide best products and best quality services to the IVD Customers. We have entered in the 25th year of our relationship. In the last Century till 2000 it was very difficult to provide regular supply of Imported Biochemistry Reagents for Auto Analyzers. Apart from that, all the auto analyzer were closed system and customer have to use reagents from the same manufacturers. We were probably the first company to break this myth of Closed systems.

We have separate teams for manufacturing, QC and R&D. We pay strict attention to quality control process while utilizing cost cutting application of automated machinery, resulting in super quality products with very affordable prices. We only focus on excellent client-centered support with experienced and well trained sales and service team fluent in English, Hindi and local languages. The future plans include product diversification with strong marketing expansion into the Domestic & International Market.

       S.K. Manhar